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X-ray CMOS camera

TV camera for X-ray inspection equipment


X-Point Super Zero is X-ray TV camera for inspection machine used in such as PCB,SMT and small parts inspection by X-ray. This New X-ray CMOS camera takes latest technology and video output has also changed from analog to digital, resulting in higher resolution and higher sensitivity.


Maintenance information for X-ray CCD cameras.


As of 2020, CCD image sensors, which were commonly used in television camera, are being replaced by CMOS image sensors. In the past, we have been making products based on CCD cameras, but as a new product, we have no choice but to shift to CMOS cameras. However, we are fully prepared for maintenance, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems about CCD image sensor based X-ray camera.

Technical information

This is a report related to our technology.


This is a report of experiments conducted by our company in the past. Although it has no academic significance, it was carried out to guide customers and make products.

  || About us

Imagista corporation was founded in 1991. Initially we developed low light level TV camera  and sold it to university and research institutes in domestic market. Later we developed an industrial X-ray TV camera with brand name X-Point 1000 series.This X-ray CCD camera was employed in industrial Xray inspection  machine for PCB, SMT. And now our technology has transferred to New CMOS X-ray camera. Imagista corporation is a small company though, we have continued research and development to create unique market oriented products.

Company name : Imagista corporation
President:Osamu Kobayashi
Establishment:April 20th,1991
Sales office:Yarimizu 2-82-6-101 , Hachioji-shi Tokyo Japan 192-0375
Tel/Fax : 81-426-77-4745
e-mail : service@imagista.co.jp